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I came across your art on someone's fB. I decided to go to your website and I have been glued to my laptop for the last half hour viewing these incredible storm chasing pictures! I haven't even looked at the others yet. I can't decide which one(s) I want to order yet. You are one talented genius!

- Mary Anne Haskins [06/29/2014 12:12am]

LOVE your work Jeremy!! I have always been fascinated and moved by dramatic cloud formations and intense storm clouds. I was wondering if you have a facebook page? I would love to follow you as you post your work. Thanks, Nancy

- Nancy Holsten [06/05/2014 11:57pm]

nashville art

- John smith [03/27/2014 9:36am]

There are several pieces in your storm chasing folder that were absolutely stunning and when I'm done being a broke student, I'll probably be purchasing some. Thank you so much for sharing your art!

- Ocean Rose [11/17/2013 10:49pm]

Met you at Lynnway today - my nephew was SO excited I met you :)Awesome work - gonna order some prints!!!

- Michelle Blanco [10/01/2013 11:13pm]

Just happened to find you through Google, and I love your work. Next paycheck--I'm ordering some!

- Deb Staley in KC [09/07/2013 3:37pm]

Amazing work. You truly have a talent.

- Ashley [08/06/2013 6:27am]

Jeremy, I plan to attend your session at the BPG Tuesday night. Two of your specialties intrique me greatly--the storm photos and the old cars. I look forward to talking with you about these.

- Monte Arnold [08/02/2013 9:50am]

Your contact me and guestbook pages are broken. It goes black whenever entering text. LLove your picks and was going to ask about whether the one circulating Facebook (with your credit) of the two swirling clouds and lighting through them was edited in any way besides the colring. Never seen anything like it. Totally cool!

- Colleen [07/21/2013 9:46am]

Fabulous work and spectacular capture of the Nebraska supercell.

- Barbara Berney [07/14/2013 1:19pm]