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You r really talented

- Kimberly [06/05/2008 12:36pm]

The pictures are great! Tell everyone I said hello. I hope all is well.

- Mandy Medsker [06/02/2008 12:35pm]

Nice site!

- HazelRane [06/01/2008 10:27am]

Jeremy... I love this! And you know I love your photos. Your website is so awesome. Now we have to get Donna on the web. Did you go look at my website?

- Wendy Cunningham [05/31/2008 11:35am]

Thank you for sharing your images Jeremy!! I also love IR and your images inspire me to learn more! We need to go shoot sometime!!

- Shellie Dallas [05/31/2008 11:11am]

Your site is coming along great. I am very impressed and wish you all the best!

- Donnaree [05/30/2008 7:08pm]


- Ashes photography [05/29/2008 8:57pm]