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Your photography is absolutely awesome! I am definately checking out some of your awesome prints. I am into the black and white infrared. Love winter scenes. Do these prints come framed or not? Email me

- Keith Williamson [01/31/2009 11:23pm]

Nice pictures =)

- Holley [11/12/2008 1:24am]

saw your ad on craigslist and wanted to check out the rest of your stuff. i love your pictures!they're awesome. too bad im so broke right now or i would be buying some. i'll save ya in my favorites and hope things start looking up:)

- mandy [10/09/2008 2:35pm]

Stunning images Jeremy,I love to see others infrared work.Thankyou for the opportunity to view these inspirational pics.

- Rob Featonby ,melbourne Australia [09/02/2008 2:27am]

Attention to detail,composition excellent !

- Richard Diamond [08/28/2008 9:05pm]

Letting you know I was here..........Again

- Donna [07/18/2008 10:23pm]

I love your work. I will be buying soon.

- Mary Anderson [07/05/2008 7:33am]

It's true but avowedly

- AdultAngel [06/22/2008 2:37pm]

Site is lookin good

- Chris Bird [06/11/2008 1:26am]

Amazing pictures....

- Kerrin [06/09/2008 6:51pm]