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Great shots Jeremy. I was in the class u spoke to at the college last year. I learned so much from you

- John stratum [02/05/2011 6:13pm]

Awesome work Jeremy, So many beautiful images.

- Amir Esfandyari [02/01/2011 3:48pm]

I love your work! Ingenious!:)

- alison tuell [11/27/2010 1:43am]

Phenomenal - these photographs tell a story of their own that just makes you want to keep reading.

- Angelique [09/20/2010 11:04am]

Hey Jeremy great work. It was nice to meet you

- John jones [07/22/2010 4:13pm]

First saw your work at the Opry Mills mall in Nashville. Great technique! I only wish there was more of a story. I was hoping to come to the website to learn more about your photographs and to see if there is a story behind them.

- Annie [02/26/2010 2:30pm]

love your work

- Brian jones [02/21/2010 1:30pm]

Great shots

- Danny [02/21/2010 1:30pm]


- Jenn [02/20/2010 11:24am]

Love your car shots

- Wendy [02/20/2010 11:23am]